Beyond the Deep Dive Weeks

We offer multiple perks to the Deep Dive Week stars and to Ecosystem Builders.

Deep Dive Week stars – the best startups participating in the programme have access to:

  • A Europass
  • Scouting Missions beyond the EU
  • The Top-10 Lighthouse Awards

Ecosystem Builders – representatives looking to boost their innovation and to support their ecosystem get the following opportunities:

  • Among Investors events 
  • Eastern Europe Market Discovery 
  • Startup Lighthouse community access

What is a Europass and why do I want one?

The Europass is a ticket to one of the events listed below and the chance to meet with investors, mentors, potential clients and other startups. High-value startups that participate in the Startup Lighthouse Deep Dive Weeks will be eligible to earn a Europass. 

We’ll be in the top European innovation and tech startup conferences and events throughout 2018 and 2019.

Attend top tech conferences around Europe

Meet potential clients and investors

Showcase your product and innovation

What are Scouting Missions beyond the EU?

Scouting Missions are 1 week visits to Silicon Valley, New York and Tel Aviv. The best startups participating in the Deep Dive Weeks will be taken on scouting missions to accelerate their positioning as global players.

Up to 10 startups will join each ecosystem, with sponsored accommodation, flights, group meals and relevant conference / event passes. News and learned lessons of the Scouting Missions will be shared in the Startup Lighthouse channels. In a typical scouting mission you will:

Visit famous companies

Attend relevant events and meetups

Meet the local community & investors

TOP 10 Lighthouse Awards

The Startup Lighthouse stars will reach our Hall of Fame. Success stories featuring our top startups will be disclosed after the Deep Dive Weeks. 

All Lighthouse startups will be eligible to participate in the Top 10 Lighthouse Awards – these will be invite-only opportunities. Two events will be held: one at the end of 2018 and one at the end of 2019.

Earn your place at the Top 10 Lighthouse Awards

Pitch your business in front of investors

Get visibility in the Lighthouse Hall of Fame

What is the Eastern Europe Market Discovery?

The Eastern Europe Market Discovery is a 1-week mission to Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltics being organised for investors and startup ecosystems leaders. If you are interested in joining, get in contact with us on and will will get back to you. 

Discoveries to be made by investors and startup ecosystem leaders will focus on the following areas:

Outsourcing, owned development office creation

Talent sourcing

Favourable conditions for startup relocation