Deep Dive Weeks

A DDW is a combination of sector-specific “softlanding”, acceleration and internationalization. The mini acceleration programme is most beneficial for startups ready to scale. Startups can also win opportunities beyond the DDW.
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Are you eligible?

Application is done on F6S. Please read before applying.


Must have at least functional MVP, ideally already with recurring revenue in one market.

Fit with Deep Dive Week

Must be relevant to the topic / vertical of the Deep Dive Week being applied to.

English proficiency

Must be able to communicate well in English, including pitching and Q&A.


Raised 50-250k€ and/or has significant revenue / growth.


Strong technological component, scalable internationally.

Relevant Traction

Significant number of users, growth of revenue or strong commercial agreements.


Looking to raise for a Round A+ (1 million €) or equivalent.


Priority given to startups from Germany, Ireland, Baltics and Portugal.


Balanced with both business and technical demonstrated competencies.


These criteria are merely indicative – high potential startups are always considered!
If you have a question, please drop us a message.

What do you get from a DDW?

The programme is 100% free of charge and travel expenses are reimbursable up to 500€.
Startups are welcome to bring 2 team members.


Qualified introductions to get leads for your new local clients.

Soft Landing

Packed agenda so you become familiar with the key players in the ecosystem.

Industry specific

Matchmaking with corporates & procurers looking to co-develop solutions in your field.

Tailored support

Our local partners will be your Scaling Managers during the week.

Lighthouse community

Our network & Scaling Managers remain at your disposal and you become eligible to earn the opportunities ‘Beyond the DDW’!

Travel costs support

Reimbursement of up to 500€ of your travel and accommodation expenses

Select the destination

Each Deep Dive Week is vertical-specific and has different goals. Choose the most relevant for you.

7-10 April, 2019

MedTech DDW – Dublin

With over 2,250 startups, Dublin was ranked in the top 10 of the European Digital City Index 2016 and just outside the world’s top 20 startup ecosystems in reporting firm Compass’s Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking 2015.


13-17 May, 2019

Smart Cities DDW – Lisbon

Lisbon is home to an emerging startup ecosystem that has steadily been rising in popularity, after becoming the first European Capital of Entrepreneurship in 2015 and then securing the largest entrepreneurship event in Europe, Web Summit, since 2016.


27-31 May, 2019

FinTech DDW – Baltics

The ecosystems in the Baltic states have been developing fast in recent years, with high investment in digital infrastructure leading to top accessibility rates and boosting some of the fastest internet speeds in the world.



It has opened new significant global business doors in all directions (enablers, partners, industry insights and strategic clients).


Deep Dive week was great insight, we met the right people, and found amazing help on our scale up phase.

Roster Buster
Roster Buster

Deep Dive Week was a concentrated vitamin with quality business leads, knowledge and fun that ever startup should taste!

Kryptowatt Investments
Kryptowatt Investments

Deep Dive Week was a great opportunity for actionable feedback from mentors & speakers – and great networking opportunity with other startups.

Personal Travels
Personal Travels

Do you want to organise a Deep Dive Week? We can help you set it up

You find the local mentors, corporates, investors and other partners | We support with developing the agenda and scouting for international startups | Check out the building blocks below

Contact us

Building blocks of a Deep Dive Week

1 – Welcome & introduction

Get to know your hosts for the week, the other participants and the group! 

Upon arriving, your hosts will go over the agenda and the travel arrangements, indicate resources available and help you make the most out of the time together.

This is the perfect moment to introduce yourself, share expectations about the week, think about partnerships within the group and find a slot on the host team’s calendar to see how they can best pass you their insights. 

Example activities:

  • Icebreakers
  • Group speed meetings
  • Introduction by pitching
  • Workshops on effective networking, stakeholder mapping, etc.


  • Find potential partners
  • Align expectations
  • Identify your strengths/weaknesses to address during the week
2 – Meeting the ecosystem

You’ll leave the ecosystem having been connected with key local players and having taken your  first steps into moving around the local community.

In these interactions you’ll learn what the ecosystem is looking for, success (or failure) stories from startups who have scaled there, and cultural and legal aspects of doing business. Your hosts will also be available to help identify additional contacts that your startup in particular should be meeting. 

Possible activities:

  • Sessions by accelerators, startup associations, serial entrepreneurs, etc.
  • Participation in local meet-ups or larger startup events
  • Expert workshops (e.g. subsidiaries, remote workforces, legal & regulatory)


  • Achieve a high volume of new connections 
  • Establish contact points with local experts
3 – Diving into the topic

Each Deep Dive Week has its own vertical to explore, and we will dive into these topics directly with those on the ground.

Large corporates, startups, sector representatives, universities and research centres will present unique sessions for your group, to show the reality of the sector, current trends, local challenges and where the industry is moving in the future.

Additionally, you can use these sessions to define your ‘Challenge’ activity, get speakers’ feedback and work on potential partnerships. 


  • Seminars/roundtables
  • Site visits 
  • Workshops or co-creation sessions dedicated to a particular challenge


  • Identify business opportunities, potential clients or partners
  • Set the stage for new projects or products
4 – Matchmaking

1-on-1 meetings are often the highlight of any networking activity, as it provides you with a specific opportunity to align your objectives and expand your network.

Corporates, startups, scaleups, SMEs, entrepreneurs and investors will provide you feedback, mentor you and introduce you to possible clients and potential partners.

Your host will be responsible for making these meetings both enjoyable and efficient, ensuring the delegation meets relevant contacts with significant interest for you and vice-versa and will take place in a luxurious café, a tourist bus, innovation centre or coworking space.


  • Curated 1-on-1s / speed meetings
  • 2-way pitching
  • Office hours


  • Customer & investor leads
  • Mentorship and feedback from industry experts
5 – Showcase

The best you can do to make the most of a DDW is to be an active participant and your host will take an active role to maximise your opportunities and visibility.

Your host will secure pitching opportunities during meet-ups or startup events – and potentially high visibility opportunities such as speaking on a panel or judging startup competitions. 

Furthermore, your host will ensure that there’s both a large and relevant audience, as well as invite medi.


  • Pitching (1, 2, 5 minutes)
  • Roundtable / Jury participation
  • Collaborative workshops
  • Media interviews


  • High visibility for the delegation
  • Media and social media opportunities
6 – Follow up

At the end of the DDW you will give your feedback, evaluate the progress and determine any potential follow up actions. The Consortium will track the performance of the DDWs by an evaluation to measure the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relevant for the DDWs and compare the outcomes expected with the outcomes achieved of each activity.

After that, you will check with the Consortium how many leads led into follow up meetings and concrete results – as well as remaining available as contact points for any further needs in the ecosystem.