As part of our “success stories” series, CloudyBoss joined us with our very first podcast attempt. Hear Ricardo Silva interviewing Giovanni Di Noto (Founder and CTO of CloudyBoss) in an interesting conversation about the startup journey and CloudyBoss’s experience as part of the Startup Lighthouse community after the Deep Dive Week Baltics and the EU BlockForum. We were aiming for a team picture of CloudyBoss, but the team is scattered across the globe – the definition of remote work! Until they manage to gather themselves in a single point and have a group selfie, here’s Giovanni’s interview, below.


CloudyBoss is a true pioneer, developing an enterprise solution termed EDLT – Enterprise Distributed Ledger Technology – leveraging the power of the technology behind blockchain to deliver a service that is both scalable and affordable – suitable for any enterprise, startup or ecosystem. Its code-less solution allows anyone to build their apps in a matter of minutes – using all the power of smart contracts and DLTs. Impossible? We’re still wrapping our heads around it…

But CloudyBoss joined our Deep Dive Week in the Baltics in June 2018 – and by December 2018 they already had a fully functional application made for a fellow startup in the same delegation. And as CloudyBoss grows by having its clients grow, that’s two wins in one…

The main reason for CloudyBoss to join the Deep Dive Week in Lithuania was to expand their knowledge of the region and to meet some of the world leaders in DLTs at the BlockForum. While it was already “phenomenal” that the DDW generated already 3 clients, better was that it helped CloudyBoss realise that their most important customer segment was actually startups.

“For the entire world to get sustainable, we know this is not achievable by a few leaders (…) it sounds naive, but our ultimate mission is to turn the entire world into entrepreneurs. We know we’re not going to reach everyone, but a few million in the next few years is a good start for us.”

We then discussed the future of Europe – and how to prepare for it. How Europe needs to realise that organisations are changing, becoming more decentralized, not just nomadic. How being such a diverse and complex continent might actually be a competitive advantage in an increasingly complex world.

Giovanni advises programmes such as ours to continue building bridges beyond Europe. “The digital world tends to forget that conversation and relationships are important” and platforms such as Startup Lighthouse are doing just that. Giovanni also recommends that corporations and governments get more involved – as all organisations need to be involved in digital transformation – for the long term.

To startups that think about applying, we’re left with one main recommendation: Don’t be shy! 

Giovanni got under your skin? We know the feeling, we have the solution!

Applications for this years’ Deep Dive Weeks are open.

  • Interested in MedTech? Dublin is the place for you. Apply now!
  • Interested in FinTech? Baltics are more than suitable for you. Apply now!
  • Interested in Smart Cities? Sunny Lisbon is the place to be. Apply now!
  • Interested in Mobility? Berlin is a key player. Apply now!

See you there? Be there! 

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