DDW Baltics is a special case as it is organised with our friends from Soft Landing project and it is also attached to the Startup Fair in Lithuania. We are glad to announce our 15 + 7 (Lithuanian top secret for the moment) winners for the Deep Dive Week Baltics. Fintech startups are coming from the United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Greece, South Korea, Spain, Ireland, Portugal and Lithuania, while the applications received were from all over Europe and beyond! We would like to thank everyone for applying. It’s time to celebrate the winners and tell you what to expect to get out of the week!

Winning startups

1Krowd Kickstarter meets Ticketmaster and they brought along Cryptokitties.

4Securitas | simplify cybersecurity, securing critical servers for enterprises, helping the manage security effectively and efficiently – leaving people to take higher level decisions and get on with business.

ATLANT Blockchain Real Estate Platform | is addressing two of the most pertinent problems in real estate with its blockchain platform: Tokenized Ownership and global P2P Rentals.

Brain InsurTech | providing smarter tech for Private Health Insurance, increasing sales efficiency. Unlike our competitors, we focus on sales distr. channels and integration is instant.

Businero.com | is a crowdfunding and trading platform designed to automate and optimize processes for startups, investors, and traders. Startups will be able to get funding from VCs, crowdfunding, or both.

Coinrule | is developing a smart assistant to enable people that trade cryptocurrencies to build trading bots without having to program a single line of code.

Coinscrap Finance  | making saving as easy as spending.

Deriveum | Solving the uncertainty problem facing the $8.3 trillion Credit Default Swap market.

Fieldcoin Ltd. buy land, empower people.

Mediterraneo Hedge Fund |is building the Hedge Fund for the Al & Blockchain era. The goal is to become the first blockchain speculative investment fund in the world and provide concrete solutions.

NAVchain | is developing technology for Fund Administrators so they can automate their information collation processes using DL technologies.

NearBanking | develops alternative digital banking channels for solutions, our goal is total financial inclusion, our first product is a Mobile Banking for the visually impaired.

Silksoftgroup | Instant Money Sharing.

VTFinTech Parity One provides objective, independent, transparent and reliable evaluation of investment research based on its historic performance.

Zaster Ltd  | creates a new marketplace which fosters competition while being totally secure. Clients save money and Fintechs generate revenue.

Key activities

Lithuania has become Europe’s most exciting & inviting FinTech hotspot, the week will be taken care of the Startup Division team and Dorota Skuseviciene, Scaling Manager. Agenda and activities are being prepared and a few weeks left until the official kick off.

A lot will happen during this Deep Dive Week, but we selected a few key parts:

  • What makes Lithuania so attractive to FinTech startups;
  • How licensing in Lithuania works;
  • The journey of global FinTech giants and small FinTech businesses in Lithuania;
  • Tax and legal environment for setting up a business in Lithuania & services available to startups;
  • Get hands-on training, pitch to investors, and get their honest feedback;

Aaaand.. get ready to mingle with startups, ecosystem builders and from all over Europe and beyond! Agenda is almost ready, check!

Stay tuned

As we will share with you all about #DDWBaltics on social media. Follow @eu_lighthouse and @softlanding_eu. Until then, congratulations to the winning team of startups!

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