Startup Lighthouse does not end with the Deep Dive Weeks. The community of selected startups gains access to a network in Lisbon, Berlin, Dublin and the Baltics as well as access to top European startup events, Scouting Missions beyond the EU and a chance to participate in the Lighthouse Awards.
Let’s use this post to explain this a little bit better…

Each Deep Dive Week selects around 15 startups. These participating startups become part of the Startup Lighthouse community.

For all activities described in this post, we’ll draw from this community the ones that fit the best to the opportunities we have developed for them.

The main question is: who will benefit the most from the activity we have organised?

So let’s look at each of them!

What is a Europass and why do I want one?

The Europass is a ticket to join us to top tech events – we’ll be making sure you maximise your ROI by getting you in the door to invite-only sessions, exclusive content and the right 1-on-1s.

To get access to the Europass, participants in the Deep Dive Weeks will have to prove they have the right fit and ambition for these events.

Join us at top European tech startup conferences throughout 2018 and 2019 (preliminary list): 

Bits & Pretzels Web Summit Viva Tech South Summit Slush

What are Scouting Missions beyond the EU?

Scouting Missions are 1 week visits to Silicon Valley, New York and Tel Aviv. The best startups participating in the Deep Dive Weeks will be taken on scouting missions to accelerate their positioning as global players.

Up to 10 startups will join each ecosystem, with sponsored accommodation, flights, group meals and relevant conference / event passes. These activities will be organised with partners on the ground, who will be the gateway to the ecosystem.

The 3 Scouting Missions will take place in 2019, so expect more details by the end of the year!

Top 10 Lighthouse Awards

The Lighthouse Awards will gather our best startups in front of an exclusive group of investor, movers and shakers from all over Europe.

These events bring the best startups from each year – from all 4 Deep Dive Weeks – to compete for prizes and a final recognition – a special spot at Startup Lighthouse’s Hall of Fame.

All Lighthouse startups will be eligible to participate in the Top 10 Lighthouse Awards – these will be invite-only opportunities. Two events will be held: one at the end of 2018 and one at the end of 2019.

Startup Lighthouse Community

We aim to interact regularly with our startups to understand how we can better help them – with or without formally organised activities.

As an example, investors and ecosystem builders regularly want to get in touch with a portfolio such as ours, which is why we’re building the Hall of Fame to showcase the community.

At the same time, the community reaches out to us for advice in getting to new markets within our network, recommendations for acceleration, if we know someone in a specific field (e.g.: blockchain, sustainability), etc.

Be part of the journey!

Apply to our Deep Dive Weeks now to reap all these benefits: we have two open calls closing very soon!

Calling startups to join our Deep Dive Weeks: Analytics in Portugal & IoT in Berlin