GhostWriter, a content marketing platform based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), has conquered investors and companies on Mamacrowd, the Italian equity crowdfunding platform, with a campaign that has overfunded (162%) with 162.482 € of subscriptions.

“Minutes instead of weeks! Create engaging campaigns in only a few clicks.” is GhostWriter motto.

GhostWriter helps to profile, predict and create content for digital advertising thanks to proprietary semantic and AI system. Our team interviewed Ester Liquori, CEO, and Mauro Bennici, CTO of the company.

Ester is in charge of business development, marketing and sales. Ester, what do you think of this new success?

“The success achieved with the equity crowdfunding campaign is one of the stages of our journey, tangible proof of the commitment that the whole team has shown during these four years of research and development. We are going to invest the funds raised in a growth plan that will involve the marketing and R&D area, to remain always at the top. Another important step will be to support the commercialisation and increase of production, also thanks to successful cases with companies consolidated, as we already are doing with Moleskine. ”

Mauro is in charge of always keeping the activities of GhostWriter R&D ahead from the curves. Mauro, what do you think of this success and the validation of the market of your business?

“Those who have  chosen to invest in GhostWriter have been able to seize the enormous growth opportunities of a sector, that of Artificial Intelligence, which will soon be part of the company’s working methods. The goal is to simplify people’s lives: for companies, it is more and more important to adopt a human-oriented approach, and in this sense, AI can give a positive boost, with increasingly performing results “.

Ester, what other results have you achieved and what is waiting for you now?

“A real market challenge awaits us: approaching foreign markets, starting with the US market. Presences abroad will not be lacking. Our company and GhostWriter have been award-winning, from the DDW of Lisbon to the DDW of Dublin for the Startup Lighthouse, to the TOP 50 finalists of the Code_N of Stuttgart. In a few days, we will be competing at the TechChill in Riga for a double final: the TOP 20 Startup Lighthouse and the Fifty Founders Battle. See you there in a few days. I wait for you!”

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