Boosting human performance using neurotechnology.


Landed in the most exciting gaming scene in Europe thanks to DDW!

Orcz Evolve VR

Orcz Evolve VR is an orcz-and-other-filth slaying action, where you take control of dozens of legendary helmets and harness their powers your way. Unforgivingly brutal combat with hordes of cunning enemies will soak your forces and leave you hungry for more. But is it enough to hold up against an evolving enemy? When flesh turns into iron, will you remain so unwavered?


Deep Dive Week rocks!

Just Juno

We create mobile games to empower young girls and women to reach their full potentials.


What an awesome Deep Dive Week experience by
@eu_lighthouse! Leaving #Helsinki and #slush2019 after a rewarding and fun week filled with interesting discussions with great people. The energy was infectious, so much to be optimistic about the role of tech in our lives!


Set the active learning free!


DDW sure was a real-life “lighthouse” for us floating at the sea of bootstrapped startups ✨ This crew so sparked up the light into heart of Vilike!

Cyber Mantis Games

Cyber Mantis Games is a video game studio based in Armenia. We’re the first indie game studio in Armenia committed to making high-quality PC and console games.


Seriously considering moving to Helsinki after DDW.


ARize, the first community driven AR platform that matches your needs


Deep Dive week, gave us a few leads in a new market, it was very well organized, managed and executed. Thanks to Rodrigo for doing that and being with us at every step of the way.


Though partially structured as EdTech & Gaming focused DDW, it was way stronger in gaming side, with EdTech basically being just participation in XcitED, so maybe some additional pre-arranged events for EdTechs could also be interesting.


Deep Dive Week Helsinki gave a superb introduction to Finnish startup ecosystem, related governmental programs, institutions and a number of individuals from community. This is a knowledge that even if not utilised immediately, has built a strong foundation and network to start with whenever a need arise. Thanks to everyone involved in making it happen!

Ninjamoba LTD

Ninjamoba LTD makes AI easy and fun to use especially in video games and esports.


Meeting the major players in the Helsinki game development community opened our eyes to how helpful a business ecosystem can be. It confirmed our that our startup pivot to this sector was and is the right thing to do.


AlphaGamma is a business portal for young professionals. We designed a unique content marketing method to inform and inspire founders, young executives and students from around the world to succeed in their careers. Our content covers business- and career-related tips, trends and opportunities. Every month we reach 1.5M+ people from all over the globe; we have been working with such partners as the United Nations, AIG and IE Business School. We got named by Capgemini Consulting as one of “the Top-20 most promising Dutch startups” and “the best youth organization in Europe” by The Council of Europe.


Deep Dive Week gave AlphaGamma an opportunity to attend such events as XcitED and Slush, thanks to which we were able to get 30 leads. Can’t wait to update you on the new partnerships that are going to come out after this. 🙂

Maze Kingdom

Maze Kingdom – hard puzzler that uses chess concepts and presents them in entirely new environments. Maneuver the king (and allies) through kingdoms. Learn chess restrictions and figure out patterns. Let the narrative take you through the world of how a peaceful ruler gets his tantamount replacement.


Organization and content were above any expectation level that I had. All I had to do was follow Rodrigo’s directions and talk to as many people as possible. Got a different view to what big game publishers are looking for and meeting Mikko Kirmanen was just a cherry on top. Literally every single event/meeting brought new valuable information.