• Founder(s) Patric Fulop, Paul Pop, Remus Pop
  • Domain Retail, Health/Medical, Healthcare
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Website www.neurolabs.eu/

At Neurolabs, we are a team of data scientists and PhDs in Artificial Intelligence, looking to solve real world problems using the latest Machine Learning algorithms. 16% of all food produced is wasted in the supermarket chain. We aim to prevent this problem by helping supermarkets optimise their inventory levels. We have one of the most comprehensive AI algorithms used to achieve accurate demand forecasts. For supermarkets, this translates into improved profit margins and, most importantly, less food wasted. The supermarket sector will be the one most disrupted by the adoption of AI in the near future, with an annual impact of over $120B in food waste alone. Supermarkets failing to embrace AI technology will lag behind irreversibly.


The presentation given by Basil Peters about early exits was eye opening for me!