• Founder(s) Evgenia Trofimova, Denis Anisimov
  • Domain Travel
  • Country Estonia
  • Website introwise.com/

*We help event participants to connect with people by interests in groups before big events.

It’s free for participants, they can personalize event all they wanted:
– find people to share accommodation or shared ride
– create circles about social gatherings (running, going to the bar, city tours etc) – to build connections with people who come to the events
– create circles for pre-networking and actually meeting with most

For event organizers, we have different packages: from just moderating the community/circles and adding sponsors, to pre-event analytics about participants’ (hidden) interests and objectives.


Deep Dive Week was a unique opportunity to learn from the people who have scaled up the business up. Got inspired. Got told I will fail. Got advice how to avoid it. 🙂

* Introwise is a pivot of Sharedtrip. The team participated in the DDW Dublin – MedTech as Sharedtrip and informed us about the change.