• Founder(s) Evi Vasiliou, Orestis Akrivopoulos
  • Domain Data & Analytics • Internet of Things • Health/Medical • Smart Cities
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Website www.sparkworks.net/

Medication errors within clinical environments represent a serious public health problem and pose a threat to patient safety. In such a challenging working environment, with long working hours, it is perhaps not surprising that human errors lead to wrong dosages, inaccurate timings and sometimes mixed upd medication. Spart Works delivers an IoT-based solution that addresses the problem at systemic level, potentially reducing up to 2/3 of medication errors by automating the matching process of patients, prescriptions, health records and medical treatment. Our product is ready to be used in the first 5 hospitals in South-East Europe and conduct a cost-benefit analysis of the benefits.


The deep dive week was a unique opportunity to get a custom tailored introduction to the Medtech ecosystem of Dublin.