Helsinki is calling and Startup Lighthouse goes to Slush – one of the leading startup events in the world – between the 21-22 of November. Will you be there? Meet the team and the participating startups, plus side events organised by Startup Europe! 

Our alumni startups offered the Europass ticket will be there with Kate Hogan from DCU Ryan Academy in a facilitated participation with the help of Startup Europe.

Congratulations are in order for the following startups

4Securitas (Dublin, Ireland) | simplify cybersecurity, securing critical servers for enterprises, helping the manage security effectively and efficiently – leaving people to take higher level decisions and get on with business.

BrachyDOSE (Kaunas, Lithuania) | the cancer treatment quality control tool. It is a dosimetry system which helps oncology doctors to get best possible treatment results fast and easy.

Brain InsurTech (Athens, Greece) | software for Insurance Companies, Agents & Brokers increasing sales efficiency & productivity.

Breeze Technologies (Hamburg, Germany) | hyperlocal air quality data & tailored advice to improve local air quality based on advanced artificial intelligence, their own air quality sensor networks and external data sources, both in the urban environment as well as in indoor environments.

LexaTexer (Berlin, Germany) | predictive analytics, to help corporations direct decision making, by analyzing unstructured information with machine learning technology.

OACP (Bologna, Italy) | producing chemicals to reduce time and costs for cancer genetic diagnostic tests.

PAYSTRA (Vilnius, Lithuania) | advanced technology usages in payment card acceptance and acquiring, with fast onboarding, advanced technology for KYC and AML and new income stream for our partners.

rvolt (Berlin, Germany) | empowers everyone to contribute to the Energiewende through their smartphone. We gamify smart meter data, provide value-added services to end-users and make demand follow renewable supply.

StoryTracks (Sligo, Ireland) | an engaging platform for the Travel Tech sector to enhance visitor experiences through an immersive, engaging, user friendly means of showcasing unique authentic local stories.

Special agenda by Startup Europe

And it is not only Slush, but also side events by Startup Europe including 40 European startups and innovators that will be part of a matchmaking workshop with key European investors, corporate representatives and public procurers.

Visit Startup Europe Club for more.

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