• Startup Lighthouse takes the protection of personal and private data seriously. All information shared by (personal data and intellectual property) is only used for the purposes of the project and all rights (including Intellectual Property Rights) are kept exclusively by the applicants themselves. All data are stored in internal databases (exclusive to the organisers) or EU compliant platforms such as F6S.

  • We will not disclose any information to any third parties not directly involved in Startup Lighthouse activities that you are taking part in.

  • Startup Lighthouse maintains the required protection of personal data and full compliance to all the Data Regulations in force in national and European legislation about the protection of personal data and has established all the technical means in their reach to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, access to unauthorised persons and theft of the data provided to this entity, notwithstanding that security measures on the Internet are not impregnable.

  • You consent your involvement in the project activities and accept these principles on data disclosure, data storage, preservation, opening and sharing of own data and data created.

  • You agree that the Startup Lighthouse project has the right to the use of your company’s image and profile in case you are selected, and that of your team strictly for media publication as well as to inform you of future events and activities, strictly related to Startup Lighthouse project.


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