At Deep Dive Week Berlin, we’ll be doing two-way pitching: not only startups will present themselves in the typical pitching format, but corporates will be themselves pitching about their open innovation initiatives, how they want to work with startups and what technologies and solutions they’re looking for.

Pitches in our Deep Dive Weeks and in many networking settings serve as an introduction: you associate a couple of keywords to each pitch, make a mental note on which ones sparked your interest and move on to the next.

The difference in two-way pitching is that corporates also put themselves on the spot, using the introduction to jump straight into business on each individual meeting. The company representative quickly has to show what type of partnership they’re looking for, the specific business problems that need solutions and assuage startups on intellectual property rights and bureaucracy – the main hurdles in corporate-startup relationships.

The second day of the Deep Dive Week is divided between pitching in the morning and curated matchmaking in the afternoon. In the intervals between activities, startups and corporates are of course free to mingle and act on what has grabbed their attention.

The pitching in the morning will be open to other attendees upon registration (contact us at

On the private afternoon meetings, the DDW Host, etventure Startup Hub, will be scheduling at least 3-4 meetings per startup – so it will be a busy day with over 50 1-on-1’s.

On the afternoon meetings, the DDW Host, etventure Startup Hub, will be scheduling 1-on-1 meeting sessions per startup – so it will be a busy day full of dedicated matchmaking.

Etventure, together with the global shareholder EY, works with dozens of corporates across Germany every day to enhance their digital capacities and bring their innovation processes forward. Therefore, the Deep Dive Week Berlin will be an excellent gateway to corporates (e.g.: Samsung NEXT) and the German industry base.

This is why in our application form we’re asking for special attention to describe potential applications and use cases for the technology used: in this way, we’re better able to match corporates with startups. Applicants: be clear with your use cases, think of the industries you want to reach and what your added value is.

Want to know more? Click here to see the DDW Berlin agenda!

Startups participate for free and get their travel expenses reimbursed. See how it works on the Startup Lighthouse website.

Interested? Applications open on F6S until 31 July:

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Please contact Berkay Kabay, Scaling Manager etventure Startup Hub:

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