Time flies and Sunday is approaching! Woohoo, our first Deep Dive Week of the year is here and we would like to present you our selected startups and our key activities.

The number of applications exceeded our expectations and after a thorough selection process, we are now able to confirm startups coming from Lithuania, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, United Kingdom, Ireland the Netherlands, Greece, France and Portugal, while the applications were coming from all over Europe and beyond! We would like to thank everyone for applying and if you are not among the lucky ones, you can wait a bit longer, DDWs for the rest of 2019 will be announced soon. Stay tuned and spread the word!

Winning startups

Aichom  | is a solution created to help people who suffer from ageing dimensions. Due to short memory loss and other problems these people need special care and constant tracking. our solution does it.

AidPlex | manufactures ready-to-use splints for fractures and rehabilitation. This splint is 6 times lighter than plaster casts, waterproof, easy to use, skin friendly, reusable, recyclable.

BestHealth4U | strength is in delivering “foundational” strategic products to companies that want to differentiated medical devices.

BrachyDOSE | the cancer treatment quality control tool. It is a dosimetry system which helps oncology doctors to get best possible treatment results fast and easy.

Dentic | help dental clinics with patient booking, treatment planning and practice management in the best possible manner.

Femtika | is a spin-off from Vilnius University working in area of research and development of 3D laser precision micro-fabrication. One of areas is fabrication of micro-robots for medicine.

Fermenteka | patented, clinically tested and effective agent for treating and preventing Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). ProBV formula® fights BV by targeting a toxin vaginolysin. It’s a novel method in BV management.

Innate Repair  |  has patented discoveries on new and repurposed treatments to attack cancer stem cells, i.e. the cancer cells that currently evade therapy; this will interest Pharma companies.

Lympo | is an app rewarding people for completing fitness challenges. Behind the app – our first product, we are building blockchain based user-controlled/ user-owned data sharing marketplace.

MedAid | is an intelligent communication tool between patients and GP where patients can describe their symptoms through helpful mobile application and physician can take initial decision before the appointment.

MedMee | is making it easy and painless for patients and consumers to buy medicines via our app by making it cheap and effortless for pharmacies and drugstores to sell online using our cloud platform.

Nocturne | offers a web services to diagnose and monitor neurologic disorders through imaging of the eye. Our solution is fast, cost-effective and disease specific compared to current diagnostic tools.

OACP | produces chemicals to reduce time and costs for cancer genetic diagnostic tests.

Operationskollen | empowers and supports patients throughout the process of undergoing surgery. Helping health care providers to shorten lengths of stay, decrease cancellations and improve outcomes.

Peacs | has a mission to save lives through enhanced electrocardiogram technology. We bring the ECG, invented 100 years ago, to the next level by quadruple the clinical alue within the current process.

Radmol AI systems | serves in the healthcare diagnostics sector. Radmol is a web platform that enables patients and hospitals reduce waiting time for getting radiology reports from 3 months to 48 hours.

SepTec | Rapid Sepsis diagnostics will improve patient outcomes, saving 5.2M lives and generate 12 Bn in hospital savings per year.

Spark Works | Medical errors represent a serious public health problem and pose a threat to patient safety. The smart MEDICATION trolley aims to minimize them with the help of IoT, cloud computing and analytics.

TempID | is disposable or reusable smart-patch and mobile app solution that measures and records body temperature. Long lasting (up to 1 year), “swipe readable” with mobile, usable as treatment diary.

Triumf Health | Behavioral therapeutics for pediatric patients delivered through a mobile game. The solution features a dashboard for the care team, giving further value for our customers, hospitals.

VEINSOUND SAS | products treat varicose veins using ultrasound with a totally extracorporeal method and called VEINOTRIPTOR. We address the phlebologists and vascular surgeons for an office-based practice.

VeritaCell | produces an advanced therapy medicinal product that enhances the skin regeneration process in case of complex wounds when skin’s natural ability to regenerate is disrupted.

VisionHealth GmbH | will vastly improve respiratory patients’ quality of life with Kata: The digital therapy enhancement using AI to increase the effectiveness of inhalations simply by using a smartphone.

Key activities 

From getting to know the Dublin ecosystem, a rapidly emerging MedTech hub, the week will be taken care of the DCU Ryan Academy team and Kate Hogan, Scaling Manager. Agenda and activities are being prepared and a few days left until the official kick off.

A lot will happen during this Deep Dive Week, but we selected a few key sessions:

  • “Behind Closed Doors” Insights into funding & life as an Irish Medtech Startup with Fire1 & One Projects
  • Introduction to the Irish Tech Landscape with Ciara Finlay, Irish MedTech Association
  • Raising Multiple Rounds, A Case-Study: How we did it from local startups
  • Clinical Trials in Ireland: Mark Watson, Head of Education and Development, Clinical Research Development Ireland & Fiona Campbell, Clinical Industry Liaison Officer in HRB Clinical Research Coordination Ireland
  • Selling your Product in the Irish landscape, Eimear Galvin, Dublin Manager, Healthcare Innovation Hub Ireland

Stay tuned

As we will share with you all about #DDWDublin on social media. Until then, congratulations to the winning team of startups!

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