Future Mobility
Automotive, Rail, Aerospace
Deep Dive Week

Berlin, 20-24 May, 2019


Future Mobility Challenge

Open innovation challenge for European scale-up startups

Join the industry-specific challenges presented by German corporate partners from the automotive, rail, and aerospace industries. Are you a EU-based scale-up Startup? Spend a week in Berlin getting to know the main players of the German mobility ecosystem, validating your technology and business solutions with corporate partners and generating leads from the major industry companies. Profit from soft-landing sessions and networking opportunities with local entrepreneurs and investors.

What is in it for you?

We provide acceleration and soft-landing assistance, as well as tailored support and matchmaking opportunities that we source through the Future Mobility Challenge, our company building expertise, and our network to present your innovation solutions to corporate partners and investors.

Participate in an innovation sprint to validate technology and business solutions of your scale-up startup with our corporate partners and establish sustainable business relationships with potential partners, while meeting investors and local entrepreneurs.

Become part of the vibrant Startup Lighthouse community of scale-up startups and qualify to receive access to the top EU startup events and invite-only pitching opportunities, as well as to participate in our Scouting Missions beyond the EU (Silicon Valley, New York, and Israel). Be selected to the Hall of Fame and join the Lighthouse Awards event. All selected startups to the Deep Dive Week Berlin receive financial support for travel costs.

How to apply?

Apply with your startup for as many challenges as solutions you think you have. Make sure your startup meets the challenge criteria. In collaboration with the corporates, we will review your application.

If your application is selected, we will invite you to the Deep Dive Week Berlin in May where you will have the chance to meet with the corporate teams and go through the specifics of the challenge. Your will have the chance to pitch your ideas and potentially become a partner of the industry leaders.

#DDWBerlin Challenges

By joining #DDWBerlin, you will be solving one of the following challenges:

1) BASF – Coating Smart Surface
2) Beyond1435 – Future mobility

Check which one fits your solution the most and APPLY NOW!

1) BASF – Coating Smart Surface

As the world’s leading chemical company,  BASF Group is made up of subsidiaries and joint ventures in more than 80 countries and has 115.000 employees worldwide. The coatings division of BASF is a global expert in the development, production and marketing of innovative and sustainable automotive OEM and refinish coatings, and decorative paints. BASF also specializes in surface treatments for metal, plastic and glass substrates in a wide range of industries.


How might we bring flexible content (e.g. switchable advertising content) on the surface of cars? The solution should be:

  1. Easily installable
  2. Provide sufficient quality for advertising content (e.g. good resolution, color content)
  3. Comply with legal requirements (e.g. usually it is not permitted that additional lights shine towards traffic while driving)

What to expect from the partner:

  • At least a realistic concept of how to encounter our challenge
  • Technical details should be defined to a grade that we can discuss the implementation of the concept based on the information given
  • Any kind of prototypes are highly appreciated but not necessarily required

What the partner can offer to selected startups: 

Direct collaboration with BASF (co-creation project, joint-venture or funding depending on the solution provided)

2) Beyond1435 – Future Mobility

Beyond1435 – Future Mobility Challenge

As the multi-corporate open innovation platform Beyond1435 we jointly shape the future mobility and transportation ecosystem.

We – this is Deutsche Bahn, Bombardier, SBB (Swiss Railway) and Siemens – think that many other industries, not only rail, will play an important role to shape the future of mobility and transportation. This is why we focus on disruptive approaches and ground-breaking innovations in various fields to serve citizens with the best possible solutions:

  1. Secure and Smart Infrastructure for Smarter Cities
  2. Fleet Management (incl. Supply&Demand-Forecasting, Capacity Optimization)
  3. Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Mobility

 What do we expect from you:

  • You offer a digital technology or product with a certain level of product maturity in order to successfully pilot it within our organization(s)
  • Your technology or business model has the potential to transform the future of mobility and smart cities
  • First ideas for use cases of your product in the Smart Mobility or Smart City industry in order to kickstart a possible partnership

What we can offer you:
We see ourselves as potential business partners and look forward to establishing meaningful relations and a communication on eye-level. 
Being global players in our fields, our platform Beyond1435 offers you access to the right combination of mobility and transportation assets. Together with you and your ground-breaking ideas and technologies we aim to run pilots in order to mutually test your product in the open field. After a successful industrial due diligence you’ll have the possibility to become a long-term partner and/or get a strategic investment by up to four international corporations.

Key collaboration and corporate partners


What do you get?


Qualified introductions to get leads for your new local clients

Soft Landing

Packed agenda to become familiar with key ecossytem players like Unicorn Co-Working Berlin

Mobility specific

Matchmaking with corporates looking to invest in startups & co-develop Mobility solutions

Tailored support

Daniel Salgado from etventure Startup Hub will be your Scaling Manager

Lighthouse community

Our network & Scaling Managers remain at your disposal, and you qualify to receive the opportunities beyond the DDW

Travel costs support

Reimbursement of up to 500€ of your travel expenses

Check out the agenda of the Future Mobility Deep Dive Week

Why Berlin?

Berlin has established itself as one of the top startup hubs in Europe. The German capital records more than 40 thousand startups, translating into one of the highest startup to inhabitant ration.
Over the past few years, over 50 corporate accelerators and other special programmes, such as Lufthansa, Deutsche Bahn, Volkswagen, Daimler, E.ON and Bosch have moved their innovation hubs to Berlin and stimulate innovation in the mobility sector.

The gateway to the German market and its strong Mittelstand (SMEs)!

Why Berlin?

Scaling Manager

Daniel Salgado
Daniel Salgado www.etventure.com

The local partner etventure Startup Hub sits at the intersection of key stakeholders in the ecosystem with connections within Germany and Europe.
[email protected]

This is our second Deep Dive Week in Berlin.
Last year, we focused on Industrial IoT startups ready to scale-up.