The Startup Lighthouse Awards

Celebrating the top 20 startups that rocked our ‘Deep Dive Weeks’

Meet our top 20 startups!

At this annual event, we celebrated the top 20 startups that rocked our ‘Deep Dive Weeks’ in Dublin, Berlin, Lisbon and the Baltics. The event was held at TechChill, the “hottest” winter event for startups, in Riga, Latvia, on Friday, 22 February (see more below!).

Our top 20 were given the chance to attend TechChill, as well as special benefits like a space at the Startup Lounge and the Investors Forum (read more on our blog). And there’s more – the top 10 were presented with a special award and exciting prizes, like 1-month residencies at co-working spaces abroad, to continuing their journey of scaling internationally.

Spread across 15 different countries, these teams have global ambitions and represent diverse verticals, such as Blockchain, Travel Tech, Industrial IoT and Analytics.

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Our keynote speakers

Tanya Suarez
Ana Barjasic

Tanya is an expert on scaling up abroad. 

“Starting up a business is hard. But scaling is even harder. Even if you have scaled your sales, you will ned to scale your team, your processes, yourself”.

Ana is an expert on hooking an investor.

“You need to be able to talk about a problem, solution, business model, competition, market, plan, team and funding, at any time, without reading from a paper.”

Our startup speakers

These top startups took to the stage to share with us their experience of scaling up
 in Berlin, Lisbon, Dublin and the Baltics!

The world’s first cloud-based EDLT ecosystem to empower the Fortunate 8 Billion. Cloudy Boss is committed to being scalable and affordable, so it’s a perfect fit for any business.

A sound analytics solution for call center supervisors, that reduces time manually listening to random calls, improves agents work and ultimately retains more

The most sophisticated tools to build personalized customer journeys on travel websites, integrating seamlessly on top of their booking engine, to boost their sales by over 37%.

Precision Navigation Systems
WeGo Europe

Providing solutions for super-accurate GPS-navigation and positioning in real time for drones, robots and unmanned systems.

A web app, based on the most advanced technologies such as Blockchain,for solving issues related to transports and mobility

The ‘Startup Lighthouse Awards’ were an

An official TechChill side-event

The “hottest” winter startup event for 2000+ founders

Riga, Latvia, 21-22 February 2019

20+ side events, including ‘Scaling your startup in Europe’

2 after parties & lots of networking opportunities

Our startups in the 50 Founders battle

The Fifty Founders battle is a startup pitch competition at TechChill showcasing 50 of the most promising and inspiring startups.

Two of our startups have won a spot to pitch for  the chance to compete for the main prize of 10,000 EUR but also for the opportunity to get fast-tracked to Startup World Cup Finals in San Francisco in May 2019.

Let’s cheer them on!

The world’s first EDLT (Enterprise Distributed Ledger Technology) platform to empower the fortunate 8 billion
An intelligent platform enabling brands to find target audiences for physical campaigns, book a space and measure results of the activation

Domain: EDLT – Enterprise DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology)

Founder/s: Giovanni Di Noto, Lou Schillaci

Countries operating in: Global

What’s your top tip for scaling up in the Baltics? Implement a distributed cluster business model

What’s your current objective?
To accelerate market engagement via top line sales and funding activities

What was your Key Achievement of 2018? 
Growing the number of engineers/implementation partners onboard (x10), faster than turnover and end-clients (3x), and confirming our cluster business model.

What makes you different from your competition? We do not have any competition… yet

Twitter: @cloudyboss


Domain: Proptech, Martech, Retail tech

Founder/s: Lucinda Kelly

Countries operating in: UK and Ireland 

What’s your top tip for scaling up in Lisbon? Be ruthless about the team you are bringing on the journey. You have one shot to get it right so hire slow, fire quick.

What’s your current objective? To convert free pilots to paid and raise further funding.

What was your Key Achievement of 2018? 
Exclusive access to GSM location data from Telefonica and pilot launch of our product.

What makes you different from your competition? Proprietary location data that recommends physical spaces to brands.

Twitter: @popertee