Are you interested in finding out what Coinscrap is and what is all about?

We were! That’s why, we asked them, and we are more than happy to share with you their interview. You can find all about them, their participation in the Startup lighthouse activities as well as their perspective on Startup Europe.




What is Coinscrap?

Coinscrap is a smartphone application that rounds out your card purchase and automatically transfers the difference to a secure CASER savings product. We believe that saving can be an easy and simple task. We help you. Coinscrap is an app that rounds to the nearest euro the purchases you make with your card or your accounts charges and automatically transfers the difference to a savings insurance.

What’s on the horizon for your company?

Our horizon is to be the reference in micro-saving in Spain and scale internationally.


Startup Lighthouse

What did you do with Startup Lighthouse, and why did you apply in the first place?

We went to 2 different missions; Israel and Paris and we also participated in the Top 20 Awards. We decided to participate in the first place because thanks to Startup Lighthouse were able to prospect new markets.

Can you give us your favourite moment with Startup Lighthouse / Deep Dive Week?

Our favourite moment was when “Orcam” (Israeli startup) showed us how a device helps blind people to read.

What concretely have you gotten out of our support so far?

We had the opportunity to contact 2 interested clients and a potential investor and to initiate a collaboration with a Portuguese startup. We also got an awesome repercussion from the award.

In a more macro view: is Europe an interesting market for you and your company?

Europe is definitely an interesting market for us (also due to cultural similarities).

What are the obstacles and difficulties in scaling up in Europe for you?

The main obstacles for scaling in Europe are the different regulations of some countries and also, in some cases, the cultural barriers.

Do projects like ours help? What could we be doing better or what else could we be doing?

Any help is important when you are trying to make your business grow, and we are very grateful that you have counted on us.

What’s your message to companies thinking to apply to Startup Lighthouse? What companies should join and why?

I would say, go for it and any kind of company can make the most out of your support and collaboration.


Startup Europe


What are the main obstacles to a healthy startup pan-European ecosystem?

It is important that the rules are the same for everyone, so all companies have the opportunity to scale in Europe.

What should be the priorities for policymakers in your country and in Europe?

To give support to entrepreneurs!

For additional information about Coinscrap, feel free to visit their website or contact them directly.


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