We sat down with Lou Schillaci, CEO of CloudyBoss, to get a preview of some of the advice he’ll share about scaling up in the Baltics, at at our Tech-Chill side-event ‘Scaling your startup in Europe‘!

How did you find out about Startup Lighthouse?

We were introduced to Startup Lighthouse through F6S. We applied for the Deep Dive Week Baltic – Blockchain and were fortunate enough to have been selected. Since then we’ve worked with the whole team on different levels and attended several events.

Where did your startup begin, and how did being in this environment allow you to thrive?

We’ve always been a fully decentralised business with a team that spans many countries and we believe we thrive as a result of that because we draw on influences from different parts of the world. We believe it’s important for us as a start-up to have an awareness of business needs across a variety of locations and sectors.

Most of our core team are European but have been fortunate enough to spend time in Australia, Asia, the US and UK, and the influences from our experiences in these differing business environments is evident in the cloudyBoss platform.

What aspects make the Baltics the ideal place to scale up your business? Do you have any words of wisdom about scaling up in another European country, for other startups?

The Baltics were new to us but we learned a great deal about doing business there and indeed Europe when we attended Deep Dive Week in Vilnius in 2018. We love the entrepreneurial spirit of the Baltics and how forward-thinking business and banking and the government are.

We are impressed with how the Baltics are actively seeking out and embracing new technology, not just for the sake of it, but to improve business processes and life in general. It is impressive to see the approach the Baltics have to future-proofing their technology, even within the most conservative institutions. As a result, we are very enthusiastic about attending TechChill in Riga.

Words of wisdom: It’s important for a startup to push themselves beyond their comfort zone sufficiently so that they encounter other cultures and can test their concept in different environments. That being said, it’s important, as they go forward, to find a place that resonates with them, is affordable and provides a supportive environment.

When attending TechChill, what will be your main objective (investment, finding new partners, etc)?

TechChill for us presents a multitude of opportunities in the areas of funding and the development of new relationships with peers, potential partners, investors and possibly new team members.

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