We are taking 10 startups to Bits and Pretzels!

We couldn’t miss the opportunity to be present and bring with us 10 Startup Lighthouse startups to Bits and Pretzels. Who are the lucky winners of the so called Europass tickets? Continue reading…

Will you be in Munich during Oktoberfest? Then come and meet us at Bits and Pretzels, the most famous founders and startup scene enthusiasts festival. A three-days conference from September 30th to October 2nd . We couldn’t miss one of the biggest tech events in Europe and we promise to follow up with more events, soon! For the moment, these are the lucky winners that received the pass to attend the conference and get involved in several activities to meet investors, mingle with other founders and discover unique opportunities. Deep Dive Weeks are not the end of the journey, they are only the beginning to scale your business internationally. Congratulations are in order for the following startups:

From DDW Baltics – Blockchain 

From DDW Dublin – Travel Tech

Now you know who is who and who will be there. Don’t forget to look for the Startup Lighthouse team: Kate Hogan will be there to assist, attend and make it interesting. Curious about the activities? Since, this our first Europass mission, we would like to give you more insights on what’s coming up, so just stay tuned… We’ll be tweeting about it! 😉


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