• Founder(s) Andreas Androutsellis-Theotokis
  • Domain Health/Medical • Pharmaceuticals
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Website www.innaterepair.com/

We all know someone who has battled cancer. And we know that treatments are good at shrinking the tumor but not good at making sure it doesn’t come back. This is because treatments kill many cancer cells but leave behind some specialized cancer cells that we call Cancer Stem Cells. These regenerate the tumor. Innate Repair scientists have discovered a new molecular mechanism that allows us to target and kill Cancer Stem Cells, and we have patented methods for doing that. Our team includes the discoverers/inventors, prominent Professors, and successful investors and business people. We are in the process of spinning out from the Technical University of Dresden, registering in the UK, and validating our treatments. Validation will greatly increase our value and entice Big Pharma to work with us in order to bring our treatments to the patient.


Deep Dive Week was great – I improved my pitch and had many ongoing questions answered for our venture!