Check out what happened in the Deep Dive Week Lisbon on Smart Cities with a focus on Green Energy & Green Infrastructure – 13-17 May 2019.

15 startups joined us for an intense programme:

Day 1 – Introduction to the ecosystem

We started the week at Beta-i, one of the key ecosystem players. After a round of speed networking to introduce the startups to each other, we got introduced to the work of Beta-i, their open innovation programmes such as Smart Open Lisboa – showing how they’ve been engaging public and private entities related to Smart Cities – what they’re looking for and what they’re developing currently. To wrap up the intro to the ecosystem, we had idatase describe how they made the decision to move to Lisbon from Germany.

Finally, we had our corporate partners (Altice Labs, EDP and Accenture) pitch what they’re looking for in terms of startups.

An intense first day, leaving our startups with much to work on and prepare for Friday’s pitching session!

Day 2 – Mentorship by the beach

For the second day, we were hosted by Fabrica de Startups, an incubator / accelerator that has one of its hubs in Oeiras, a little outside Lisbon’s centre.

The morning had a presentation of the space, its mission and programmes as well as a session by local entrepreneur – Invisible Collector – sharing their story and lessons: use a CRM, focus on your customer, build strong processes, stay healthy.

This was followed by pitching training by André Faria from Fábrica and José Arthur Vasconcelos, Mentor and Board Member of Startup Discoveries. This training led into the 1:1 mentoring by Artur Pereira (Cisco), Ben Lambert (Demium), Ricardo Silva (as Mind the Bridge) and the team from Fabrica de Startups.

Day 3 – Legal day

We spent the 3rd day with SRS Advogados – an intense morning workshop on legal questions surrounding operating and moving to Portugal as a business. The afternoon was spent in their offices, preparing for the final day.

Day 4 – Pitching!

All stakeholders congregated for the highlight of the Deep Dive Week: where the startups pitch to their corporate partners and follow through to 1:1 meetings with interested customers and investors.

We were hosted by NOW Beato and in our audience you could find all our corporate partners (EDP, Altice, Accenture, Cisco) as well as investor groups such as Busy Angels and Impact Angels from Lisbon.

Finally, to wrap up the week, we once again headed to Beta-i – for a Thank God It’s Friday networking event – said to be the most popular meeting point for entrepreneurs in Lisbon!

What they said:

“Deep Dive Week gave a really awesome overview of the whole Portugal startup community and the organization level was great!”

“Deep Dive Week was a great experience! Wish I could redo it!”

“Excellent week in Lisbon, great advice and helped me refine our presentations for external investors.”

Participating startups

Our startups came from all over Europe and beyond: Italy, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Poland, Greece, United Kingdom, Israel and France:

AlphaSense developed Smart IoT solution for monitoring distribution water networks and buildings water consumption and detecting leakages.

BePooler CarPooling | is the best way for Companies and Municipalities to keep up with mobility innovation and green-sustainability. Thanks to our technology we easily aggregate users supply & demand for urban trips.

Breeze Technologies  | provides sensor-based hyperlocal air quality data and AI-powered actionable recommendations in buildings and the   cityscape.

Electrify Network | provides a solution that enable prosumers to freely manage and sell their excedent of electricity, on a Blockchain based peer to peer trading platform, with full respect of data privacy and in a way.

Enerbrain | smartly controls HVAC system in non-residential edifices, cutting over 30% of energy use, reducing CO2 emissions and improving comfort level thanks to a scalable IoT kit with advanced algorithms.

Laava Tech | with its proprietary software it decreases light energy consumption by up to 75% without losing any efficiency.

LUGGit | is a mobile app that will allow travelers around the world, to better enjoy their time, by allowing them to do it without their luggage, in a revenue share model.

ParkHere GmbH | offers tailor-made solutions for parking space management – across all industries. With our hardware, we recognize free parking spaces and make this data available to our customers and users.

Péarlaí Ltd| gives high streets access to more detailed & accurate consumer data than online has access to, enabling them to identify shoppers, monitor, reward & measure effectiveness of engagements.

RidemindGR | has a vision is to push the envelope of shared mobility with the mission of improving quality of life in cites.

rvolt | empowers everyone to contribute to the Energiewende through their smartphone. We gamify smart meter data, provide value-added services to end-users and make demand follow renewable supply.

Sipup | is developing a drinking water refill station to place in the world’s most rural and busy locations for an easy & quick access to drinking water with no plastic waste.

Sphebotics | Boosting the Sun in the Cities! Sphebotics is the next generation of solar community for cities, a kind of “AirBnB” for urban solar energy. Available to anyone. Highly flexible.

Switche | via its AI-powered switches helps consumers save energy cost and earn income by flexing their energy needs – reducing carbon, cost and constraints.

ThinkSmarterPeople movement and footfall analytics using WiFi and IoT sensors

Stay tuned

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